Leprechaun Hunting

On the drive to school this morning, we (those very perceptive children of mine) realized that in our WHOLE family--I'm the only one who hasn't a drop of Irish in me.  They are quite pleased that they are legit Irish today and everyday, thanks to my husband's heritage.  

However, they know that it is likely for the lack of an Irish gene that a quick pizza night in our house means a from scratch event (dough started in the morning, and a quick marinara sauce made just before popping it into the oven).  Truly, I have never ordered a take out pizza.  For that matter I've never opened a jar of ready made sauce.  Italian food just was always a home made no big deal event.  To this day I hide the cans of Muir Glen peeled tomatoes from my mom, because the only tomatoes worthy of sauce are home canned tomatoes from the garden (mini-farm) that they have.

Anyway, after school the kids are going Leprechaun Hunting using the directions that the 5th grade math teacher at their school provide:  
  1. you must go into the woods; 
  2. grab them by the foot without them seeing you;
  3. then hold onto the foot until they hand over the bag of gold; 
  4. do not let go until the bag is in your hand. 
Then to celebrate the hunt I have a  beef brisket and cabbage simmering (with a bit of garlic, wine, and the aforementioned Muir Glen organic tomatoes).  Since I'm not eating meat, I also have a salmon marinating in soy sauce, dark sesame oil, and natural sugar.  (I remember eating alot of salmon on our Ireland trip.)  

Finally, I spent a bit of my St. Patrick's day on these ribbon belts.