Blooming Bows Belt

Not too long ago a friend gave me a pretty silk scarf  that I have worn mostly as a belt.  Though I like the look of a scarf casually thrown over the shoulders, I'm a bit to uncoordinated to carry it off.  My mother-in-law can so gracefully move about with her beautiful Herme's scarves insouciantly staying in place.  So, for me, generally scarves are rolled ( which is another matter of keeping all its parts in place) into belts.

Back to this scarf my friend gave me--which I love the colors, how it looks around jeans--and I thought about making one with my Anna Maria Horner Good Folks fabrics.  But then I started to tinker with this German ribbon I bought last year and came up with the belt pictured above.   I've christened it "Blooming Bows".