Newest Patchwork Handbag--Amy Butler's Midwestern Modern

A patchwork purse with Amy Butler's newest designs in the Midwestern Modern line!

It's always a startling surprise to find a fabric that I ALREADY own that works with my new fabrics. Which happened here with one of Amy's patterns from Belle and a Sis Boom design.

Tried something a bit different with the quilting. Instead of my usual structured lineal quilting patterns, this time I just freehand machine stitched curvy lines to quilt the bag. That was immensely therapeutic as opposed to following the lines of a chalk grid.

Once a potential customer asked me to provide closure for my bags--here a pretty little vintage button with a rhinestone closes things up. (Personally I like my bags to have easy access--can't fiddle with zippers and buttons.)

Lined in heavy duty canvas this bag is standing on its own. A generous pocket divided into two compartements for cellphone, keys and cash--helps to be somewhat organized.

The colors are very fresh and light for spring into summer.