Growing, growing, gone

My apologies to those of you looking for your new belts that you've requested!

You may be wondering why the sewing machine(s) haven't been humming here at LBF.

In one word: summer
Two words: kid's activities,
Three words: constant driving everywhere,

Although the machines have slowed down, the creative ideas are churning. Once we get back to the school year routine, they will hopefully be flying off the needleplate.

Another point of note: The name Lulu Bel's Fancy has begun a fadeout and will become "Nell Gleason" for very practical reasons. First, that's my name altho the Nell is my family nickname. Secondly if you have ever done a google or etsy search for a form of Lulu Bel, there exist many variants of the name, and all delightful little businesses of their own.

If you'd like to take a peak at Nell Gleason, hop over to Altho its a very short site right now, and the Etsy shop isn't completely up yet with listings, it'll give you an idea of how LBF is evolving.

Thanks so much!